CIRCLE Kick-off 2019: We are growing – new structure with new Members and Affiliated Members

To start the new academic year, CIRCLE held the annual kick-off meeting with their new and old members. The meeting was covering news and information, revision of the research focus, the role of CIRCLE at Lund University for short and long terms and time to socialize, get to know the new members and catch up on the latest developments in each other’s work and life.


Deputy Director presenting the agenda: Magnus Nilsson, Associate professor at CIRCLE and the Department of Business Administration

The agenda was demanding and required many discussions as well as assignments and presentations by both senior and young researchers. One of the important topics discussed was the revision of the strategy and the future research focus of CIRCLE. Presentations covered current status of external communication and ongoing research, benchmarking to other international actors and providing suggestions for new directions for Circle.


Input from advisory board representative on the current state of affairs: Anna Bergek, Professor (chair) of Innovation Systems and Technology Policy at Chalmers University of Technology.


One of the future research strategy suggestions developed in a team and presented by Associate senior lecturer, Markus Grillitsch

Another important topic concerned the growth of CIRCLE and the new member structure which has been developed throughout the year and now is in place. CIRCLE members (21 researchers) and CIRCLE affiliated members (24 researchers) are the two categories for participation that come with benefits and commitments, approved based on the application. At the meeting CIRCLE could welcome seven new members which makes CIRCLE grow to 45 members in total.

You can find all names on our webpage :

Skärmavbild 2019-09-19 kl. 16.56.27.png

We are happy to welcome old and new members and wish to all an exciting start of the fall 2019!



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