New publication in the Academy of Management Journal by Prof. Schubert and Dr. Tavassoli on innovation and diversity in teams

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After all the passion and attention the new publication in AMJ is here! Congratulations!

Product Innovation and Educational Diversity in Top and Middle Management Teams

Diversity is seen as a basic prerequisite for firms to be highly innovative. Nevertheless, the empirical literature provides rather mixed evidence for the postulated innovation-AMJ in press.pngpromoting effects. On the basis of a linked employer-employee data set for Sweden, in this paper the authors demonstrate that diversity, especially interdisciplinarity, in management teams leads to higher innovativeness of the firm. However, the effects depend on which management teams are considered. Interdisciplinarity in top management teams (exclusively) increases the probability of innovation activities being initiated as well as the level of innovation expenditure as measured by turnover. Interdisciplinarity in middle management teams (exclusively) increases the probability of successful product innovations and their degree of novelty.

Enjoy the insights!


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