Dr. Zheng, Dr. Lavesson and Dr. Fredin Congratulations!

In this summer post we are pleased to summarise the first half of this year by congratulating our three new doctors Yannu Zheng, Niclas Lavesson and Sabrina Fredin for successfully defending their PhD dissertations.

This is a great accomplishment which requires an incredible amount of hard work, all leading up to that very special moment! Your perseverance and dedication over the years have taken you there. This was a proud moment and we wish you all the best in the next exciting chapter in your life.

Yannu: How immigrants invent: evidence from Sweden



For thesis details contact Dr. Zheng at: yannu.zheng@gmail.com or yannu.zheng@circle.lu.se

Niclas: “Rural-urban interdependencies: The role of cities in rural growth



For thesis details contact Dr. Lavesson at: niclas@lavesson.org or niclas.lavesson@circle.lu.se

Sabrina: History and geography matter: The cultural dimension of entrepreneurship


For thesis details contact Dr. Fredin at: sabrina.fredin@circle.lu.se


Enjoy your summer!



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