Final PhD seminar with Joakim Wernberg on Beyond City Size – Essays on the internal order, complexity and diversity of growing cities

Joakim Wernberg, PhD candidate at CIRCLE and the Department of Human geography, Lund University, will present his PhD project with a title Beyond City Size – Essays on the Joakim-round-300x296.jpginternal order, complexity and diversity of growing cities. The final seminar is the last opportunity for the PhD candidate to present his work and receive feedback before the actual PhD defence.

Date/Time: Wednesday 28 June 2017, 13.15 – 15.00

Place: Malmö, Geocentrum I, Department of Human Geography, Sölvegatan 10, Lund

Opponent: Martin Henning, Gothenburg University

Abstract: There is a wide body of empirical evidence that shows increasing returns to scale with city size, including more productive workers and firms, increased division of labor and more innovation. At face value, these results are attributed to the city as a whole and cities are treated as club goods. Yet, this does not resonate with the current theoretical framework underpinning agglomeration economies, nor with the growing body of empirical evidence of highly localized externalities, especially those consistent with learning or knowledge spillovers. While much theoretical effort is directed toward identifying micro-level mechanisms within urban economies, the literature is less concerned with system properties on a macro-level. In this paper, I develop a model that links empirical regularities within and between cities to complex adaptive system properties. In doing so, I provide a conceptual explanation of how individual interactions can self-organize into collective information processors.

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Welcome to Joakim’s Final PhD seminar!


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