University rankings – to what use?

CIRCLE and the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum arrange a joint seminar on the benefit of university rankings. The seminar will discuss:

  • What should a university ranking observe?
  • What criteria does it use?
  • Comparison of university rankings
  • What do university rankings mean for universities, scientists and students in practice?


Björn Asheim, Professor, CIRCLE Lund University
Ron Boschma, Professor, CIRCLE Lund University
Pontus Braunerhjelm, Managing Director Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and Professor KTH
Charles Edquist, Professor, CIRCLE Lund University
Olof Ejermo, Associate Professor, CIRCLE Lund University
Per Eriksson, Vice Chancelor, Lund University
Koen Frenken, Professor Utrecht University
Peter Honeth, Secretary of State, Department of Education
Anders Malmberg, Deputy Vice Chancellor Uppsala University
Sylvia Schwaag Serger, Director International Strategy, VINNOVA
Sven Stafström, General Director, The Swedish Research Council
Don Westerheijden, Senior Research Associate, Center for Higher Education Policy Studies

Date: September 1st, Monday, 2014,
Place: Room 206, Main University Building, Paradisgatan 2, Lund.

Everyone is welcome to join! Find more information on:


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