Regional Studies Best Paper 2013: Bernhard Truffer & Lars Coenen on ‘Environmental innovation and sustainability transitions in regional studies’

regional-studiesThe Regional Studies Association Best Paper Award 2013 has been awarded to Lars Coenen for ‘Environmental innovation and sustainability transitions in regional studies’ co-authored with Bernhard Truffer.

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Abstract: Sustainable development and environmental innovations have received increasing attention in regional studies and the related literature. In how far sustainability concerns might also lead to fundamental transformations in technologies, industries and lifestyles (so-called sustainability transitions) has, however, found much less resonance. Sustainability transitions have been in the focus of scholars from the field of innovation studies. However, until recently, these approaches mostly disregarded spatial aspects. This paper therefore maps out a field of future research – the geography of sustainability transitions – that might be beneficially laboured by both traditions. The paper introduces the core concepts, but also the limitations of the transitions literature. After reviewing salient lines of sustainability-related research in regional studies, the paper specifies promising research areas at the interface between both fields. Empirical illustrations will be provided from recent work in sustainability transitions research venturing into this interface.

Full paper can be accessed via:

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